Andreas Schmidt Jensen

I am a PhD student in the Algorithms, Logic and Graphs section at DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark. My supervisor is Jørgen Villadsen.

My research focuses on formalizing organizational models for multi-agent systems and making agents organization-aware.


My PhD project is called Organization-Oriented Programming in Multi-Agent Systems. I am investigating how to create agents that are organization-aware, which means that are able to reason about the organizations they are a part of. This includes reasoning about whether to join an organization or not, and how to incorporate obligations and prohibitions into the agent deliberation process. My research is focused on

  • formalizing agent organizations,
  • agents reasoning about joining and leaving an organization,
  • agents that are norm-aware (e.g. can violate norms on purpose to achieve their goals), and
  • how to program organization-aware agents.

Contact information

Technical University of Denmark
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Building 322, Office 017
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby





  • Organizing Heterogeneous Agents — Supervisor, M.Sc. project, Fall 2014
  • Implementing Intelligent Agents in Games — Supervisor, M.Sc. project, Spring 2014
  • 02156 Logical Systems and Logic Programming — Teaching assistant, Fall 2013
  • Interaction in Organization-Oriented Multi-Agent Systems — Supervisor, M.Sc. project, Fall 2012
  • 02156 Logical Systems and Logic Programming — Teaching assistant, Fall 2012
  • Programming of Heterogeneous Agents — Supervisor, B.Sc. project, Spring 2012