Intelligent Agents in Games

Programming Agents in StarCraft: Brood War

This project is concerned with the implementation of intelligent agents in games. As a use case we consider StarCraft: Brood War[1] (SCBW), a real-time strategy game by Blizzard. SCBW does not come with an official API for integrating artificial intelligence, but this is made possible using BWAPI[2], a C++ framework that provides methods for manipulating the entities in SCBW.

We have succesfully implemented a bridge between SCBW and the agent programming languages supporting the environment interface standard (EIS) using JNI-BWAPI[3], which allows implementation of AI in SCBW using Java.

The implementation is made by Christian Kaysø-Rørdam as his master's thesis project, and integrates the solution with Jason[4].

Quick Setup

See the GitHub page and the wiki.


  1. StarCraft: Brood War
  2. BWAPI
  4. Jason

Source code

The EIS interface for SCBW is open source and available at GitHub:

  • Browse source code here.