Curriculum Vitae

Andreas Schmidt Jensen

Master of Science in Engineering, PhD

Date of birth: September 2, 1986

Experienced software engineer and data scientist. Strong theoretical foundation with a solid understanding of business. I excel at bringing visions to life - both at a strategic and implementation level.

I strongly believe in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as game changers for data-driven companies, but also acknowledge that model-building is only a small part of this. It is paramount to understand the business needs, the domain and the expected value creation in order to understand 1) what kind of model is needed and 2) how well this model needs to perform. Why go for a 99,999% accurate model, if 95% does the trick? I have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and I want to deliver value, not just a theoretical performance increase.

I live in Albertslund just outside Copenhagen with my wife, Eva and our daughters, Rebekka og Leonora.

Last update: April 30, 2019

Work Experience

NIVO Performance

2019—now Lead Software Architect

NIVO Performance develops sensors and platform for horses and riders to predict and prevent injuries and to track and analyze training sessions. My main responsibilities include using Machine Learning and AI to make sense of the collected sensor data, building algorithms for running on hardware and building the NIVO backend.

2017—2019 Lead Data Scientist and Head of LINK Intelligence Technology

As lead data scientist in LINK Mobility, I was responsible for all things technology, analytics, statistics and AI in LINK Mobility Group. All of this is consolidated in the Mobile Intelligence area, where I worked closely together with my commercial counterpart.

My work included:

  • Consolidation of business data in data lake
  • Statistical analyses
  • AI and Machine learning
  • Automated reporting tools (both internal and external)
  • Next-generation AI possibilities

I have built prediction algorithms for targeting the right end users with mobile offers (i.e. predict the probability of conversion). I work with unsupervised learning and cognitive computing for unstructured text to offer solutions that use the contents of SMS messages to improve results.

2016—2017 Director of Technology (CTO), LINK Mobility Denmark

In 2016, Responsfabrikken was acquired by LINK Mobility Group. I continued in my role as CTO until 2017.


2015—2016 CTO

After completing my PhD, I returned as CTO. I was responsible for a team of 6 developers (backend and frontend). I worked closely together with our sales team and project management team.

2010—2012 Systems Developer

After graduating, I was part of the team that designed and implemented our first SMS flow-builder, and was responsible for improving and maintaining our SMS gateway.

2009—2010 Java Developer

I started at Responsfabrikken as a student developer, working part-time.

Other work experience

2006-2009 Developer and internal supporter National Research Centre for the Working Environment

2003-2008 Developer Try Us ApS


2012-2015 PhD in Computer Science Technical University of Denmark Thesis: “The AORTA Reasoning Framework: Adding Organizational Reasoning to Agents”

2008-2010 M.Sc.Eng., Computer Science and Engineering Technical University of Denmark Specialization: Efficient and Intelligent Software Thesis: “Multi-Agent Systems: An Investigation of the Advantages of Making Organizations Explicit”

2005-2008 Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Software Technology Technical University of Denmark Thesis: “Textual Similarity: Comparing texts in order to discover how closely they discuss the same topics”

2002-2005 Mathematical student Gladsaxe Gymnasium, Denmark



Java, C#, Python (with Pandas), R, Apache Spark and Hive, Relational databases (primarily MySQL and SQL Server), Prolog, JavaScript (including experience with frameworks such as Vue.js and Angular)


Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Courses and Further Education

2018 Deep Learning (Coursera)

2017 Data Science Specialization (Coursera)

2016 Big Data (IDA Learning)

< 2010 At Technical University of Denmark

  • Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Computationally Hard Problems
  • Neural Networks and Soft Computing
  • Parallel Systems
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithms and Data Structures